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TechNote: Installing Sun StorEdge RAID Manager 6.1.1

I have heard of some people experiencing problems installing the Sun StorEdge RAID Manager 6.1.1 software on systems. Below is a step by step procedure which I have used on several occasions to succesfully install the software on an Enterprise 450 server.

  1. Install the RAID Manager software on the system. Using pkgadd, install the packages in the following order:
    • SUNWosar - Open Storage Array (root)
    • SUNWosafw - Open Storage Array Firmware
    • SUNWosamn - Open Storage Array Man Pages
    • SUNWosau - Open Storage Array (usr)
    • SUNWvtsse - Extensions to SunVTS for A1000
  2. Install the following patches, or their most recent revisions. (Note that these are OS and model specific! This example is for an E450 running Solaris 2.6.)
    • 107544-03 - must be installed before 106541-08
    • 106541-10
    • 106552-04
    • 107472-02
  3. touch /reconfigure; init 6
  4. cp /etc/raid/rmparams /etc/default/rmparams
  5. Start the RAID Manager GUI using the following command: /usr/sbin/osa/rm6
  6. Double-click "Configuration" and create the desired RAID set(s).


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