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TechNote: Installing a Sun StorEdge PCI FC-100 Fibre Channel Host Adapter

There are quite a few caveats with installing this card that people should be aware of. The driver CD which is included with the hardware is for Solaris 2.6 ONLY. The CD includes the following packages:

  • SUNWifp
  • SUNWifph
  • SUNWvtsfp

The IFP drivers have dependencies of the following packages:

  • SUNWses
  • SUNWssadv
  • SUNWvts

When installing the card in a Solaris 2.7 host, the drivers and necessary packages are part of the base OS install--that is, they are available on the Solaris 2.7 OS CD. The packages and drivers necessary are as follows: (The vts packages are not really necessary for the proper operation of the card, they are simply part of Sun's VTS test suite)

  • SUNWses
  • SUNWsesx (for 64-bit support)
  • SUNWssad
  • SUNWssadx (for 64-bit support)
  • SUNWifp
  • SUNWifph
  • SUNWifpx (for 64-bit support)

To test the operation of the card from the Boot PROM, use the following commands at the ok prompt:

ok show-devs

This will print a long list of devices. In there should be something similar to the following (the actual device will differ depending on what slot it is inserted in):


Now, we will select the device identified above which will allow us to see its children, or its directly attached devices.

ok select /pci@4,4000/SUNW,ifp@4
ok show-children

This should show the devices connected to the Fibre Channel card. The disks in the storage array should be visible through show-children.


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