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November 10, 2008

Any Technical Trainers out there?

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Over the past six months a large portion of my job function has been to develop courseware and then use that material to teach, for both internal employees and customers.  (This was the primary reason I was in Japan in May/June).

While I think I’ve been doing pretty well at it, I’d love to be able to further polish my skills in the area.  To that end, I tried doing some research on the Web on this topic.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find all that much of use.

I’d like to hear from other readers out there of resources available to the technical trainer, both on teaching techniques and courseware development.  Keep in mind that the material I am teaching is designed for highly skilled sysadmins and SAN and network admins, so info relating to this kind of high-end topic would be beneficial.   Information on professional groups or organizations that cater to the field would also be appreciated.

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